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Privacy Notices


As of December 31, 2010


The new Privacy Notice Laws do not permit the use of
“standardized” or “one-size-fits-all” notices and forms.


Until it is clear that such standardization is possible,
A-B&C will not be able to supply your privacy notice needs,
instead we are urging you to visit the Federal Reserve web site:
where you can design your own forms based on the type(s) of credit and
financial services you offer to each of your customers.


We anticipate that several months will be needed for further research and development.  It may turn out that MOST retail automobile dealers fall into several distinct finance/credit categories.  We can then design a separate privacy notice
for each of these different dealer categories.


Risk Pricing notices are even more complicated and must be customized for each
individual customer based on their risk-priced interest rate or other credit/finance
disclosures. It is unlikely that ANY simplification or standardization can be achieved
in this area of consumer lending law that affects retail automobile sales.


Thank You for Your Understanding.