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William P. Tatarka, 92, died March 9, 2010, in peaceful sleep at his Englewood residence.  He had enjoyed excellent, loving, around-the-clock care in his own home for the past seven years, but had been in gradually failing health for 18 months, and was under supplemental Home Hospice Care for the last month and a day.
Born 1917 in Brooklyn, NY, he attended Franciscan Brothers Business College before joining the Army in WWII.  He initially settled in Sterling, CO, following discharge from the Army Air Corps (the predecessor of the U.S. Air Force) at Buckley Field in 1945, before moving to Denver in 1960.
Bill will long be remembered as “such a Gentleman” for his positive, affirming approach beyond business as well . . . especially his humorous sayings and natural health advice, both of which he shared at every opportunity, accompanied by his trademark highlighter-ink pen combo, wearing his signature bolo and winning smile.  He loved people, poker, Colorado and the Rocky Mountains.
He established his printing and promotional products company, A-B&C (“Agnes-Bill & Children”) Enterprises, Inc., as a part-time venture after the birth of twin sons in 1950.  Upon relocating to Denver in 1960, he successfully concentrated full-time on serving automobile dealers in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Bill stressed on-going relationships and problem-solving over short-term sales or profit . . . and his many customers responded to his affable professionalism and benefitted from his common-sense experience . . . he was rewarded with your loyalty… Thank You!